|Planet Earth|

|Patagonia Argentina|

°Welcome to Egregor Music°

In this new era we have been given the mission to provide a place of sonic comfort, building a sonic temple where we act in order to align souls and calibrate your senses. Feeding your
imagination we will show how to setup reality.

We will take you through a wide range of audible ecosystems, built by a special selection of magickal beings, who have been gathered and prepared to take on this task.

Spawned by the rhythms of the future and visionary art, we develop creativity to design intelligent music, surfing fractals and making a way in the universe: Breaking the duality, we play both as creators and destroyers; germinating, growing and destroying frequencies.

Merged in this entity, we will try to be your compass between dimensions, while the particles vibrate in the air over our tracks or by getting the visual art of this Magick Egregor printed in your eyes.



Egregor Music crew. 2013.